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www.happypethelpers.com.auAt Happy Pet Helpers we offer a full time dog walking and in-home pet minding service. Call today PH: 0407214456 We are passionate about your animals, their well being and quality of life. We offer a customised service which includes regular dog walking, pet minding, play time, pet taxi, healthy organic dog treats, mobile pet store and poop scooping. When in our care we get enjoyment and satisfaction with each animal with which we spend time. We are dedicated to providing excellent care for your pets while assuring your peace of mind. We’ll care for your pets as if they were our own. We are energised and ready to go. Whether it is a one off holiday or regular services you require, why not give us a call? phone Brooke on 0407214456 or email brooke@happypethelpers.com.au and let us show you what we can do for you. We are also commited to the privacy and protection of our customers. “Reliable, honest and friendly, we will love and care for your pets just as you would.”

Brooke Walmsely I started Happy Pet Helpers after spending 15 years in the corporate world. I have decided to do what I love best and that is working with animals. I have raised all of my own happy pets and still do. I have a 8 year old Spoodlier named Peppa who I have trained to do many tricks and who is very disciplined. She also suffers a sensitive stomach condition which has given me great experience looking after pets with special requirements, I also own a 2 year old Doberman Hank who is the biggest goof ball ever and makes us laugh each and every day. I have grown up with many pets ranging from large to small breeds of dogs, cats, tropical fish and even 15 bird aviaries (pictures below.) Each time I went on holidays I wanted to take my pets with me. This was not always possible & I found it very hard to find someone who would look after them and didn’t feel comfortable leaving them in kennels. Work hours also made it hard to give them the time that they deserved. I found that it was very hard to find that special someone to look after my beloved pets they way that I would care for them. My love for pets make me want to be with them everyday, giving them the love, attention and exercise they need. This is why I am here today to help you with your pets. Some of our most cherished memories are with our loved, furry friends who are part of the family. These experiences have given me the foundation on which to build Happy Pet Helpers. For some of my clients’ testimonials please click on the client feedback on the top menu. We understand that your pets feel happy and safe in the comfort of their own home where their regular routines are not interrupted. Our at-home pet minding service eliminates the stress that some pets feel when they are taken out of their homes for boarding. Happy Pet Helpers aims to make a positive difference to the daily lives of the animals in our care – whether it be for a house visit to provide companionship, to play ball/frisbee,  go for walks, give hugs or just hang out like friends do at the end of the day, we know we have done something fulfilling.  It’s our goal that your animals will be happy and content when you return home.   A little back ground for you.

www.happypethelpers.com.auwww.happypethelpers.com.auwww.happypethelpers.com.auHank 18weeks

Titles for photos working left to right.
1. Brooke at 20 months with the family German Sheppard Jake. 1981.   
2. Brooke and Sister Melanie with our first puppy Sally 1987.  
3. Tootsie our family cat 1990. 
4. Sally, our family Silky Terrior pure breed, since not having our last dog Sally we had to name the next dog Sally as well 1994. 
5. Sally's second pure breed litter of 6. 
6. Sally, enjoying being a mum.
7. Sally with Brooke's first puppy Snook. 1998
8. Brooke with her Spoodlier Peppa and mums new puppy Suzie Q. 2010
9. Brooke with her puppy Peppa and her sister's new Staffy puppy Lucy. 2012

10. Brooke and her 8 year old Spoodlier Peppa 2013.
11. Peppa at 8 years and our New addition Hank the Doberman at 10 weeks old, he s now 2.  

12. Peppa and Hank at 16 weeks.

13. Brooke and Hank at 18 weeks on Monday 1st of September 2014.


Hillcrest South Australia

PH: 0407214456

E: info@happypethelpers.com.au

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