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Questions And Answers

Q:   Do we take your pets because we are a pet minding service?   A:  No, we only operate a visit service and we know your pets are much happier in their in own environment. We are happy to visit as many times a day as you feel is right for your pets.

Q:  What areas do we service?   A:  Adelaide CBD and North East areas (a $1.00 per km surcharge for outside these areas.)

Q:  Is Happy Pet Helpers a registered business?   A: Yes, we are a registered business.

Q:  Does Happy Pet Helpers have insurance?   A:  Yes we are insured with QBE under public liability.

Q:  How does the Pet Taxi service work?   A:  We come to you, pick your pets up and take them to your doggie daycare center, groomer or vet of your choice, drop them off and will bring them home when ready. When you have a vet appointment you may come for the drive with your pet, I can wait in the waiting room for $13 per 30 minutes or we can arrange for me to leave and come back to pick you up later.

Q:  With your Pet Taxi service do you have seat belts or cage’s for my pets?   A:  Yes we have short doggie seatbelts fastened into the boot of our Mitsubishi ASX ready to go and we have a cat cage provided for use if needed also. 

Q:  How much notice do I need to give?  A:  2 weeks notice for a appointment for a dog walk, play time, pet taxi, bath/ dry and poop scoop.  1 month for pet minding.

Q:  What do I need to supply before I go away?   A: We will discuss this on the initial visit. Usually it will be a lead and/or harness,  all dry or wet food requirements for the duration of your absence and any medications/ flea, worm treatments we need to administer.

Q:  Why do we need an initial visit?   A: We offer a free initial visit which allows us to meet you and your furry, feathered or scaly friends. We will also establish your requirements and pick up a key. We will discuss the services available and we will obtain contact details and all information about your pets.

Q:  Will we still walk in bad weather?  A:  Yes we still turn up but it is dependent on the severity of the weather. We do not walk in heavy rain, thunderstorms or heat higher than 31 deg for their safety. As an alternitive we could go inside your home or under a veranda or pet taxi them to a doggie daycare where they will still give your pets the mental stimulation and exercise they need  

Q:  What if my pet gets sick?   A: Sometimes these things happen. We are happy to take your pet to it’s own vet for treatment, but we will require your contact details for authority. We would also prefer a contact number for a close friend or family member who can authorise treatment if we cannot reach you directly.

Q:  Do you require direct access to my home to feed / play with my pets?      A: This will be up to the individual client. If there is easy access to your pet without entering your home, we are happy to bring the food you have supplied back and forth on each visit if it cannot be stored safely outside the home (eg: refrigeration.) If the key is supplied, it will be kept save at at all times and returned to you when you arrive home. This is all part of the service.

Q:  How can I assist you with minding my pets?  A:  You can assist by making sure your pets are currently registered and have ID tags (microchipping if possible), maintaining their vaccinations. If providing meals make sure you leave more than necessary just in case your holiday is extended. Also make us aware of security operations for your home.

Q:  I would normally use family or friends. Why should I use you?  A:  A problem may arise or an incident my occur or you’re just not happy with how they do things. This can put pressure on the relationship and not having insurance may create further problems.

Q:  What payment methods are accepted?  A: We are happy to accept cash, bank deposit & pay pal.

Q:  What happens if I have to cancel my arrangement?  A:  Cancellation requires 24 hours notice or a fee will be charged.

Any further questions you may have, please contact us either by phone or email.


Hillcrest, South Australia

PH: 0407214456

E: info@happypethelpers.com.au

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