The Gallery

Here are some of Happy Pet Helpers best pictures. We hope you enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed being their taking them.

For more gallery pictures head to our instagram page the, Charlie and BrookeLucyGeorge and BarneyChesterGeorgeHarry and CharlieTriggersJordanJorden and TriggersPoppieRosie and and Paddy tugg of warPeppa in sunDog Park with Peppa and LucyPet Minding Chico and CharlieChico and Charlie's walkBrooke with Chico, Charile and Peppa in the parkBrooke Walking Lucy and PeppaSandoa heading home after being in the groomers all dayOlie's play sessionchester Pet MindingBarney and George pet mindingBrooke with CharlieBrooke and ChibiPeppi on his walkHumphy on his walkzeus on his walkhoney with aussie flagBuster During his bathBuster honey the staffy and meKoops the TurtleHoney with ber favorate ballOllie after his walkPaddy on the look outPaddy on the porch cooling off from our play sessionPaddy and Phoebe Rolly coming for his moring feedRex waiting patiently for his walk and feedRuby enjoying her breakythe boys hanging out for their breakyRex on his walkNiggles coming in for cuddlesNigglesHappy HarryHarry and Charlie walk all finishedHarry and Charlie on their walkChico, Charlie and PeppaChico, Charlie and Peppa at the parkFun in the park with a great group of dogsMudbud having a showerMissy the cute cuddly cat that is the size of a kitten, so cute.Bella and Levi on their walk Tia with her favoriate toyViolet and Pale after their walkPeppa and Oscar on their to the groomers, Pet TransportPepper the beatiful kittenPepper throwing her self over for a tummy rub.Gracie with her favorate toySuzie Q


Hillcrest, South Australia

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